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In the fight to create the lightest, sleekest road racing machine – a competition where ‘everything is everything’, marginal is huge and nothing is overlooked – Orca wins by delivering less. Lower mass, invisible cables and reduced aerodynamic drag unlock a smaller footprint with bigger potential. Cycling is filled with superlatives and so much ‘more.’ By demanding less, by maximizing minimalism, we have created an Orca that improves riding experience and boosts performance by refining what remains when unnecessary is removed.

Orca OMX M21eLTD-D - € 5.999,-
Orca OMX M20iLTD-D - € 5.699,-
Orca OMX M20LTD-D - € 4.699,-

De keuze voor elite renners en renners met de hoogste  eisen qua materiaal, de meest efficiente fiets met de beste resultaten

Orca M20i Team - € 4.299,-
Orca M20Team - € 3.299,-
Orca M20 - € 2.699,-
Orca M30 - € 2.199,-
Orca Aero

Snel, super stijf en aerodynamisch. De perfecte fiets voor renners waarvoor elke seconde telt.

Orca Aero M20i Team - € 4.799,-
Orca Aero M20 Team - € 3.599,-
Orca Aero M30 Team - € 3.099,-