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Orbea Oiz
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Oiz is familiar with the hard work it takes to reach summits, leaderboards and podium steps. We don’t need to fabricate a pedigree for this phenomenon - two world championships prove Oiz is a thoroughbred. Oiz and serious cross-country are synonymous, its presence on the World Cup is undeniable. Is the lightest, stiffest and most efficient machine available whether you pin on a number or take it up to the highest peak on your afternoon ride. Oiz has what you need to get there - there is no better weapon to aim for the top

Oiz M LTD - € 8.599,-
Oiz M Team - € 6.999,-
Oiz M Pro - € 5.299,-
Oiz M10 - € 4.499,-
Oiz M30 - € 3.599,-
Oiz H10 - € 2.999,-
Oiz H20 - € 2.699,-
Oiz H30 - € 2.399,-